Choosing the Best Dance Floors for Hip Hop Dancing

hip hop dancers on a hip hop dance floor

As to when and where dancing originated is hard to answer. All we know is that it has evolved over the years and we have seen a wide array of genres with the passing of time. There are many types of dancing across the globe: ballet, jazz, tap, modern, swing, belly, and folk, to name a few. However, for the younger generation, hip hop dancing is among the most popular. 

Hip hop dancing is believed to have originated in the vibrant streets of “The Big Apple”. A hip hop dancer does not do feminine moves like swaying the hips; he or she performs breaking, locking, and popping instead. With its dangerous nature, it is crucial to know how to choose the best dance floors for hip hop dancing to avoid injury. 
A dance floor should be slip-resistant.

Hip hop dancing includes locking; a move where a dancer needs to hold his or her position longer. It basically means to freeze’. Because there is always a sudden pause of movements in hip hop dancing, the dance floor should offer enough protection to keep the dancer from slipping. 
In addition to being slip-resistant, the best dance floors for hip hop dancing should be shock absorbent. This means they must be durable enough but soft on the joints and bones. Another famous move in hip hop is breaking. This includes making dance movements while the weight of the whole body is supported not by the feet but by the head or one hand. 

Perhaps it is called breaking because it can literally break your bones when done incorrectly. A shock absorbent dance floor has the capacity of absorbing almost half (50%) of the impact energy of the dancer landing on the floor. A concrete surface, just like the streets of NYC, has 0% shock absorption value. We could only imagine how crazy it is to do this type of dancing without protection.

These days, the best dance floors for hip hop dancing are sprung floors and vinyl. Because a hip hop dance is taxing in nature, sprung floors are recommended as they help lessen the impact. Dance floors with the vinyl surface are also a good choice. Creating and laying out a good dance floor takes a lot of money, space and time. If it isn’t perfectly leveled using precision laser levels and tools, then the whole thing could be for not.

While there are permanent dance floors that need installation, there are also portable ones like the dance floor rolls. Dance floor rolls are friendly on the wallet and versatile; you can bring them with you wherever you go. You do not need to pay somebody to install them; you can do the installation yourself using a heavy duty tape to keep them in place.